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Science related

  • Li-Williams, S., Stuart, K. C., Comte, S., Forsyth, D. M., Dawson, M., Sherwin, W. B., & Rollins, L. A. (2023). Genetic analysis reveals spatial structure in an expanding introduced rusa deer population. Wildlife Research, 50(9), 757-769.

  • Hill, E., Murphy, N., Li-Williams, S., Davies, C., Forsyth, D., Comte, S., ... & Pacioni, C. (2023). Hybridisation rates, population structure, and dispersal of sambar deer (Cervus unicolor) and rusa deer (Cervus timorensis) in south-eastern Australia. Wildlife Research, 50(9), 669-687.

  • Li-Williams, S. (2023). Oh deer, oh deer!: Effects of landscape features on gene flow in a rusa deer population in peri-urban eastern Australia (Doctoral dissertation, UNSW Sydney).

  • Koschnick BH; Huq N; Li-Williams S; Talati A; Kristian N; Tam J; Murthy R; Akhtar Y; Li J; Kozlova I; Piskunova A; Zaman Y; Rosinke AK; Aboutanios E, 2017, 'GreenSat: CubeSat platform for biological and agricultural experiments', in Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC, pp. 10436 - 10448

Education related


  • Tuohilampi, L., Li-Williams, S., Gooch,S., (2023), No time to “put it in”: can we silence the ticking clock that controls teachers’ professional learning? Manuscript submitted for publication.

  • Tuohilampi, L., Li-Williams, S., Gooch,S., English, A., (2023), How to Love Maths: Developing tools to support teacher professional learning for fostering student interest. Manuscript submitted for publication.

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Published Article in Education Review: 'Is maths a dying art?'
Dec 2022

Empty Classroom

Love Maths Project

  • Employed as an experienced Research Assistant on a research project investigate student engagement, teacher education and development.

  • Lead investigator on this project is Dr Laura Tuohilampi at the University of New South Wales

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  • Co-created a workshop with Dr Pavlina Chan

  • Engaging students in space plant biology with educational quiz, activities and videos from NASA and Australia based scientists.


Sci-Art Astrobiology Video Art Series
Sept 2022

  • Sci-Art video series on engaging the public in astrobiology in a novel communication method of fine art and crafts. 

  • Artwork, editing, directed and produced by Scarlett Li-Williams 

Lab Experiments

Casual Academic (Demonstrator)
T1 2021

  • University of New South Wales Australia

  • Faculty of Science, School of Biotechnology and Bimolecular Sciences

  • Term 1 for BABS1201: Molecules, Cells and Genes

  • Created weekly plans for 2 - hour practical biology lab sessions 

  • Marking for 30 students' coursework


One-on-one Tutoring in Biology 

  • GCSE, A-LEVEL & Undergraduate

  • ONLINE ( In-person also available*).

*only available in Midlands and South England

Please note: Working with children checked (Australia) and DBS checked (UK)

Tailored creative resources

Revision materials, information summaries. Posters, guides and more!

  • Biology subject tailored and commissioned visual revision resources 

  • For GCSE, A Level, Undergraduate courses


One-On-One STEAM Career Consultations (ONLINE)  16-23 YRS OLD

  • Science students in UK and Australia.

  • Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend session.

Please note: Able to provide working with children check (Australia) and DBS checked (UK)

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