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Recent things happening for Sky Plum Studios and Scarlett Li-Williams!

The creepy species of space science fact and fiction, National Space Centre Space Now Blog
October 2023

With the spooky season upon us, have you ever wondered if your favourite scary sci-fi movies could have some truth to them? See this bl published at the National Space Centre here:


Elevate Exhibition
June 2023

Had an incredible time at the 2023 Elevate Exhibition! Had the opportunity to design the stands for Sirkka Health, showing their partners at the BBSA, and meet an Olympian, silver world medallist & European champion 🏅(!!) 


Article Published In Maths For Humans May Issue
May 2023

Don't miss the May Issue of Maths for Humans where I have written a feature article on the Math-a-demic breakdown! This is to highlight the relevance of current education research and its potential applications in the classroom


Stemettes x Google DeepMind Graduation!
May 2023

It has been such a pleasure mentoring as part of the Google Deepmind x Student to Stemette program for the last 4 months! 


Digital Healthcare Conference!
April 2023

On behalf of Sirkka Health, I attend the Digital Healthcare Show. It was an inspiring day seeing the novel frontiers in the UK Health sector!

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-31 at 09.06_edited.jpg

Presenter at the National Space Centre!
April 2023

As of April 2023, I have started as a presenter in the Space Communications Team at the National Space Centre UK!

(image source: Tripadvisor)

National Space centre.jpeg

Plantoid Workshop & Careers In Space Panel
November 2022

What an incredible day at Museum of Arts and Applied Sciences's Powerhouse Museum. I had a fantastic time co-hosting and creating a workshop with Dr Pavlina Chen for students in western Sydney to discuss plant growth in space. Many thanks to Gioia Massa, NASA – Kennedy Space Centre and the LUNARIA ONE team for your educational videos and well done to all the teams for their fantastic ideas!


Sci Art Astrobiology Video Showcase 

September 2022

After months of hard work, the videos are ready! Do not miss out on the showcase of our works hoping to inspire and create a new way we communicate science


School of Education Research Poster Showcase at UNSW
May 2022

Want to know what incredible work and research is being done by the UNSW's School of Education (SoE)? Make sure to have a look at the walls if the Moven Brown Building UNSW Sydney, it was such a pleasure working on this project with the academics and staff at UNSW SoE & graphic designer Cara Jane Diffey!

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